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At Home Paper Lantern Kit

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Paper Lantern Instruction

1. Print the Year of the Rabbit paper lantern design. You will need to use double-sided printing for this.

1.    请双面打印兔年纸灯笼设计图样。

2.    Start by writing your name on the design, then cut the strip on the short edge of the right-hand side of the paper (follow the cut marks). This will become the handle of the lantern. Set that aside.

2.    请在灯笼设计图样正面“姓名“处写下您的名字,然后在纸张右侧的短边上剪下条带(沿着剪下的标记)。这将成为灯笼的把手,请把它放在一边备用。

3.    Please cut out the lantern pattern according to the outer line above the pattern, and cut off the two big ears and set that aside.

3.    请按照图样上面的外线剪出灯笼图案,同时把两只兔子耳朵剪下备用

4.    Fold the remaining paper (avoid folding the rabbit face here) in half lengthwise with the rabbit picture on the inside, you should see the dotted lines on both sides. Cut along the dotted lines from the folded edge to the open edge. Be careful not to cut all the way to the edge. The strips should stay connected.

4.    将剩余的纸张纵向对折(此处避免把兔子的脸部折进去),内侧有兔子图案。您应该看到两面的虚线。请沿着从折叠边缘到开口边缘的虚线剪开。请注意不要一直剪到图纸边缘,条带应该保持连接。

5.    Open (unfold) the paper and fold it back in half so the rabbit picture is on the outside again.

5.    打开(展开)纸,重新对折,让兔子图案再次出现在外面。

 6.    Wrap the paper into a circular tube shape with the cuts going up and down. Attach the long ends of the sheet together with tape or staples. It should look like a tall, narrow cylinder now.

6.    将图案纸卷成圆形管状(兔子图案在外面),剪开的纸条带应该是上下方向。 用胶带或订书钉将纸的长端固定在一起(您也可以使用固体胶)。它现在应该看起来像一个又高又窄的圆柱体。

7.    Roll up a sheet of colored paper horizontally to create another cylinder and put it in the middle of the lantern (the paper size is less 8.5x11). Adjust the shape of the lantern at will, and then tape or staple the lantern to the colored paper. You can make it tall and skinny or short and round (free choice).

7.    将一张彩色纸横向卷起(尺寸小于8.5X11英寸),形成另一个圆柱体,放在灯笼中间。请随意调整您喜欢的灯笼形状,您可以把灯笼变得又高又瘦或又短又圆,然后将灯笼用胶带或订书机固定在彩纸上。(自由选项)

8.    Tape or staple the rabbit ears that you cut out in step 3 to the rabbit head.

8.    将您在步骤 3 中剪下的兔子耳朵用固体胶或订书机固定在兔子头部。

9.    Tape or staple the handle that you cut out in step 1 to the top of the lantern.

9.    将您在步骤 1 中剪下的纸条提手用胶带或订书机固定在灯笼的顶部。

10. Please draw eyes or paste plastic eyes for your rabbit. Your rabbit will come alive instantly (you also can draw the rabbit eyes first in the step 2). Then feel free to decorate your lantern however you like (free choice).

10.  请为你的兔子画上眼睛或粘贴塑料眼睛,你的兔子会瞬间鲜活起来(你也可以在步骤2中先画上兔子的眼睛)。 然后再根据自己的喜好随意装饰您的兔子灯笼(自由选项)。

11. All done. Great job! Post a picture of your lantern on Instagram and tag @ShoreLakeArts and @ShorelineWaGov.

11. 灯笼完成了,太棒了!请在 Instagram 上发布您的灯笼照片并标记@ShoreLakeArts@ShorelineWaGov.

And check out the many ways to write the name of the Lantern Festival using different types of Chinese language characters!

Pick up your free printable lantern craft kit from the following community partners:

  • ShoreLake Arts Gallery at the Lake Forest Park Town Center

  • Spartan / Shoreline Recreation Center

  • International Community Health Services (ICHS) -Shoreline

  • Shoreline Historical Museum

  • ShoreLake Arts Office

  • City of Shoreline City Hall Building

  • Highland Recreation Center 

  • Shoreline Lake Forest Park Senior Center

  • Shoreline Libraries

About the Artist:

Mrs. Hua Zhang, a natural storyteller and a native Chinese Mandarin speaker, is an award-winning public speaker, journalist, and editor. When she came to the United States in 1996, she reinvented herself as a designer and dancer who performed traditional Chinese folk dance in various international culture events. Her dance pictures were featured in local print media numerous times. Since 2006, she has taught Mandarin Chinese in the Greater Seattle area and shared Mandarin stories at the Shoreline branch of the King County Library System. Hua has been involved with Shoreline Chinese cultural services for many years and she is a member of the committee for the Chinese culture room at the Shoreline Arts Festival. She has provided Chinese culture and art summer programs for the City of Shoreline’s Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services department. Hua currently host online Mandarin story time for KCLS and teach Mandarin Chinese at Lakeside Middle School. From 2007 to 2022, Hua was recognized many times for her work in the Enterprise Newspaper, the Shoreline Area News, the Seattle Times, and the World Journal.

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