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Image by Tim Mossholder
2024 Summer Art Bingo Website Banner (8.5 × 11 in).png

ShoreLake Arts is inviting you to take pART in our annual Summer Art Bingo!

All are welcome to participate. 


Summer Art Bingo Sheets will be available for pickup at all ShoreLake Arts summer events and at the ShoreLake Arts Gallery at the Town Center at Lake Forest Park starting on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, and available when the gallery is open throughout the summer. You may also click here to download a printable PDF.

We wish you a summer full of fun & ART ! 

Summer Art Bingo Front 2024
Summer Art Bingo Back 2024

Tips & FAQ's

What is the ShoreLake Arts Summer Art Bingo Activity?


Great question! It’s a super fun and free ShoreLake Arts Bingo activity designed to create opportunities for you to participate in the arts and community events this summer.


Do I have to do the Art Bingo activities exactly the way they are written on the Art Bingo card?


No way! Our Summer Art Bingo is designed to inspire you to participate in art activities this summer. Want to design something other than a paper airplane? Go for it, and mark that activity square complete! Want to paint something other than a rock? Go for it, and mark that activity square complete. Want to do the activities exactly the way they are written? Go for it! Do what works best for you and have fun!

Do I need to turn in a completed Summer Art Activity Sheet?


The simple answer is no. This is a fun and creative activity to incorporate art into your summer schedule. 


Do I have to do all the bingo activity squares?


It’s up to you! Do as few or as many as you wish. 

There was a raffle prize in 2023 - will there be one this year?


There will not be a raffle this year.


Who can participate in the ShoreLake Arts Summer Art Bingo?

Everyone is invited to take an activity sheet, or print their own, and participate in our Art Bingo activities this summer. 


Where can I get a printed version of the Summer Art Bingo?


Summer Art Bingo pages can be picked up during various summer programs like Concerts in the Park, at the ShoreLake Arts office, and at our ShoreLake Arts Gallery.

Questions? Email:

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