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Shoreline & Lake Forest Park's vibrant arts nonprofit: Inspiring creativity, community.


To cultivate creativity and inspire our community through the arts.


ShoreLake Arts presents art throughout the community and in our permanent home. We envision a world:

  • where we produce culturally rich, quality arts programs that intrigue diverse audiences of all ages, 

  • where every child experiences the arts in their myriad forms, and

  •  where a vibrant creative economy offers everyone meaningful access to art and art-making.

We nurture artists and art lovers alike as they explore, enjoy, and connect through art, art-making, and art education.  

  • All the arts for all the people


We believe that art must welcome the expression and creativity of every person.  We see art as a bridge that connects the people in our communities across cultures and artistic traditions.

Fiscal Responsibility

We value the financial support of our community and use the resources we are entrusted with wisely. We strive to offer high-quality arts experiences that meet our mission and our budget, while fairly compensating artists and our staff.

Environmental Sustainability

We understand that our organization and its practices impact our world and believe that acting in an environmentally responsible manner is a moral imperative. Sustainable art is about creatively finding new ways to make art that can benefit the environment, whether that is by using accessible and natural materials or by inspiring social awareness.


We believe that community engagement with the arts strengthens the social fabric of our cities.  We create arts and culture programs that bring people together and we support other community organizations that do the same, embracing our longstanding leadership role in an increasingly vibrant artistic community. We believe that arts education in schools lays the foundation for children’s lifelong enrichment through art and future success in their chosen endeavors.


We bring creativity and ingenuity to our work and respond nimbly to changing circumstances. With a playful and innovative spirit, we embrace and showcase the artistry in everyday life. We provide arts experiences and resources that fill unmet needs in our community, and do it with style and flair. 


We conduct our business with respect and expect the same of those who work with us. In the way we work with staff, partners, and artists, we model the way we believe professionals and artists should be treated. We value kindness in every interaction.

Statement on Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion:

Including, valuing, and supporting individual voices generates powerful creativity.  ShoreLake Arts believes Diversity and Inclusion are vital components of a vibrant arts culture. We strive for Equity and Accessibility, and encourage the unique perspectives and experiences that every artist and art lover brings to our community; we are richer for sharing in them. 

Come as you are, as you were, as you want to be.


  • Promote public awareness of the arts in the community;

  • Produce performances, exhibitions, and other arts programs, activities, and events that benefit and complement the total community development

  • Advocate for support of the arts and arts programs and organizations in the community

  • Sponsor, present, promote and support educational programs for the benefit of the community concerning all aspects of the visual and performing arts

  • Provide financial and other support for arts organizations, artists, arts activities and projects


In 1989, a group of volunteers seeking to enhance our community formed the Arts Council to support, present, and encourage the arts in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. This nonprofit, community-based organization enriches the life of every resident by promoting public awareness of the arts, and by making the arts available in all its forms.

Early programs included the Shoreline Arts Festival, Concerts in the Parks, and our Artists in Schools program. Our programming evolves alongside our community, and we're offering more youth art classes and working to partner with other organizations to produce events that engage our community. Our 2023 events include Concerts in the Parks (with a special Junteenth event),  6X6NW, the Dia de Muertos Celebration, The Lantern Festival , Battle of the Bands, the Underground Holiday Market and the Shoreline Short Short Film Festival.

The ShoreLake Arts Gallery in Lake Forest Park Town Center has been selling works by local artists for more than 10 years.  Featuring 120 + artists representing virtually every medium from paint, to fiber, to photography, to sculpture, this tiny-but-mighty shop sees more than 12,000 visitors each year.

ShoreLake Arts collaborates with other agencies such as the libraries, Shoreline Community College,  Shoreline Film Office; Kruckeberg Botanic Garden; Shoreline Historical Museum; Secret Gardens of Lake Forest Park; Third Place Commons; the Cities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park: ArtsWA; King County and 4Culture to ensure a wealth of quality arts experiences throughout the year.

The arts help us celebrate in the best of times, and they comfort us in the worst of times.
Let’s keep the arts vibrant together!

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