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August 1, 2, & 6

Pfingst Animal Acres Park

17435 Brookside Blvd NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Enjoy a beverage at the Monka Brewing Co. Beer Garden

Event Details

Join us for 3 outside concerts at Pfingst Animal Acres Park in Lake Forest Park.

Doors open at 5:30pm (show starts at 6.30pm), bring a low backed chair/blanket, grab a bite to eat

and a beverage from the Monka Brewing Co. sponsored Beer Garden.

All ages welcome (21+ in the Beer Garden only)

Winners will take home cash and music industry prizes.

This event aims to support emerging and developing musicians in Washington State. This unique competition provides these up and coming musicians a platform for their music and a unique pathway to build their musical skills and network with industry professionals. 

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Now ør Ever

Formerly known as Herb & Jellyfish. A Seattle-based melancholic prog rock band rebranded during the pandemic of 2020


Alex Vile

Band likes taking inspiration from the 90s music scene & turning it into something new


An all-new, up and coming Alt Soul band, combining Jazz harmonics with Pop sensibilities.


Snacks at Midnight

The band composes each song with great emphasis on creating something new and honest.

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Band is made up of "gifted kids" who are now depressed adults, defined by poor social skills, sardonic attitudes, and averagely complex chord progressions.

Semi Final
Group 1  
August 1


Band offers a scathing rebuke of manufactured division permeating society with the same ferocity they rebuke craft beer.


Cottage Corpse

Formed in the only way that a gaggle of queer twenty somethings amidst a pandemic could via dating apps. 



Rug is a soulful pop-rock powerhouse that began as a group of strangers at Robert Lang Studios Academy.


We strive to write melodic, meaningful, and catchy songs, engage the crowd with energetic performances, and play for the enjoyment of creating art.

Stargazy Pie 2022a.jpg

We are a power pop band that got together in a summer music program.

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Owner of Revel Rouser Events, Sasha is a fundraising auctioneer, gala emcee, and event planner based in Seattle, WA. Sasha believes her clients make up the heart and moral compass of our communities which is why she is living her “OccuPassion” every time she gets to serve local non-profit organizations and educational institutions.


A big shout out to Monka Brewing Co. for sponsoring the Beer Garden again this year. They'll be supplying us with some amazing craft brews during the concerts on all three nights. 

Semi Final
Group 2  
August 2

Food Trucks

Ezells Chicken Truck
Monday, August 1

Saturday, August 6