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Information for Participating Bands

Important Dates:

Deadline to apply: May 1

Jurying: May 2 - 31

Acceptance emails sent to bands: June 9


Tickets go live: June 20

Semi-Final Pool #1: Thursday, August 3

Semi-Final Pool #2: Friday, August 4

Final: Saturday, August 5

6.30pm - 9.30pm (Guests arrive from 5.30pm)

Pool Information: Bands will be split into two pools (Semi-Final Pool #1 & #2). Bands who make it through to the finals, will play at the Saturday event. Each band must perform up to 15 minutes of original music.

Thursday, August 3 

6:30 Living with a Bear

7:00 The Band Lele

7:30 Vanilla Abstract

8:00 Tuesday's Refuge

8:30 King Youngblood

Friday, August 4

6:30 Hannah Duckworth

7:00 Pilot Seat

7:30 Ruby Vision

8:00 H!t It

8:30 Batbox

Application Requirements:

  • Music must be original (no covers allowed)

  • All genres of music accepted

  • Bands must be working in Washington State

  • Bands must have proper license to all copyrighted music, video, and images included in the duration of their involvement. 

  • Competition restricted to bands (not solo musicians)

  • All entries are final and may not be withdrawn from the event once submitted

  • You must not have won a previous ShoreLake Battle of the Bands competition.

Load-in Time: 3:00 - 5:00pm - We ask that you load in with any gear before 4:30pm. Each band will have their own tent backstage (i.e. behind the showmobile). 


Timing: Each band has a strict limit of 15 minutes. Set change should take no longer than 15 minutes. Each band will start on the half hour, bringing the finish time to 9pm. Jurors will discuss and announce the bands moving onto the finals shortly after. 

Location: Pfingst Animal Acres Park, Lake Forest Park, 17435 Brookside Blvd NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

The bands will play on the Showmobile stage (portable outdoor stage). 


Backline Provided: (updated)

  • We will be providing drum backline, but not cymbals.

  • Drum specs are a 22x16” kick, 12x10” rack tom, 16x16 floor tom, and a 14x6.5” snare.

  • There will be stands for hi-hat two crash and one ride cymbal provided

  • A DW9000 kick pedal will be available if drummers do not wish to bring their own.

  • If a drummer wishes to bring their own gear, setup and teardown that lasts beyond the allotted time will come from their set time

  • Guitar and bass must bring their own amps, cabinets, and pedal setups

  • The sound technician will be equipped to handle DI connections for bass and will mic cabinets at changeover

  • Keys, loopers, etc. should specify how many mono and stereo inputs the sound technician will need to include in the mix

  • Horns, brass, and other acoustic instruments without pickups should also be specified by the artist so the sound technician can be prepared with appropriate mic options

  • Bands should also specify how many vocal positions they will need for their set

Line-Check: Line checks will be done prior to the event starting. 

Parking: Main guest parking is located at Brookside Elementary it’s about a block away,  so it’s a short walk. You are also are welcome to park at Lake Forest Park Church directly across the street from the park.

Awards: 1st and 2nd place will be decided by the jurors. People's Choice will be crowd sourced.


1st Place: $1,500 

Plus a one day recording time at Robert Lang Studios

Runner Up: $1,000

Plus a gear package* from Mackie including speakers, tripod stands, microphones, and a mixer)

*gear package subject to change.

People's Choice: $500

Plus an "opening slot" for a show at Darrell's Tavern in Shoreline. This would be an additional paying gig.

Honorarium: $300 paid to each band accepted into the competition but only paid one time not per performance. Paid within 3 weeks after the event. 

Jurors: Who are they? 

Robert Lang | Owner Robert Lang Studios

Tina Lang | Owner Robert Lang Studios/Academy

Scott Markley | Musician 

E. Pruitt | Bassist

Heidi Mercy |Musician


Our judges will be evaluating the bands on the following criteria:

  • Musicality

  • Technique

  • Professionalism 

  • Accessibility

  • Originality

  • Audience reaction

  • Presence   

Tickets: Accepted bands will receive 4 complementary tickets to this event

Parking: Band parking will be at the Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church next to the park. When this is full, bands must park at Brookside Elementary (about a block away).

Food and drink options: We plan to have a beer garden sponsored by Monka Brewery.

There will also be a few food trucks at the event. A Safeway, Subway, Starbucks and MOD Pizza are about a half mile away.

Important: Please - if you are sick, please contact us and stay home.


Marketing Material for Bands:

Hashtags: #shorelakebattleofthebands

My question isn’t answered! We try to answer everything we can think of, but if we missed something, please email us with questions or comments: 


Image by Brandi Redd


If you have any questions please contact:

Teresa Pape

Program Manager

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