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2023 Award Winners

Esther Wu

Esther Wu
HeART Award

Both during her working life as a CPA for King County, and after retirement Esther's been a passionate supporter of multicultural music and arts events, seeing them as a bridge to connect people and build a stronger community.  

In 2007 Esther joined the ShoreLake Arts' Festival Committee, launching the Chinese Cultural Rooms and coordinating Chinese arts activities from 2007-2021.  During those years, she co-sponsored four East Meets West Concerts that were incredibly well received by members and guests. Esther was the driving force behind the development of ShoreLake Arts’ Lantern Festival in 2022, and with her help the 2023 event was even stronger, drawing 1,500 people to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Esther is the president and co-founder of the International Performing Arts (IPA) in Seattle. She and her later husband cellist Zhenlun Li established the IPA’s mission to present multicultural musical and performing artists of the highest caliber in the Greater Seattle and West Coast areas. IPA has provided numerous opportunities for professional and developing musicians to use their musical talent to serve the communities.

Esther also serves on the Seattle Symphony's Celebrate Asia Committee and volunteers for the Washington Chinese Arts and Cultural Committee (WCACC), helping produce their annual cultural event “A Glimpse of China” at Seattle Center.

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Highland Terrace PTA
Community pARTner Award

The mission of the Highland Terrace PTA is to promote and enrich the social and educational development of all our students in partnership with families, staff and the community and to commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of our programs and events.

“We support student enrichment through academic, cultural, art, social, and health and fitness activities at Highland Terrace Elementary. We engage with Community and Family and keep Highland Terrace and the community connected, inclusive, and promote healthy families to the benefit of all children. We speak on behalf of children to promote the welfare of children and youth in schools, in the community and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children. We promote continuity and strength in the Highland Terrace PTA.”

ShoreLake Arts is grateful to the Highland Terrace PTA for helping to develop our new arts enrichment partnerships with PTAs. Not only was Highland Terrace the first school to enroll, PTA members continue working with us to shape Afterschool Arts into a program that inspires students and families alike.  We are grateful for their commitment to arts in our community!

Herb Bryce

Herb Bryce
Community Arts Impact Award

A founding member of the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council, now known as ShoreLake Arts, Herb Bryce has significantly impacted the Arts landscape in our region. Along with Gloria Bryce, his late wife, Herb spearheaded efforts to provide “arts 4 all” in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park, with a special focus on ensuring youth and family access to the arts.  Herb continues to live his philosophy that “service is the rent we pay for living, and our community is the richer for his efforts. 

Born in rural Arizona in 1933, Herb moved extensively throughout his childhood and teenage years. After serving four years in the Navy during the Korean War, he entered Arizona State University, where he received his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He pursued a career in the sciences, serving as division chair of Physical Sciences and professor of Chemistry at Citrus College and as the Dean of Science and Mathematics and professor of Chemistry at Seattle Central College. Herb has received the Lingafelter and Salutes to Excellence awards from the local section of the American Chemical Society. Herb admits he is left-brain dominate; however his right brain is quite active. In addition to his commitment to the arts and public service, Herb has now authored three books: his memoirs Me and the Cottonwood Tree, Beyond the Cottonwood Trees and Ebenezer Bryce, a biography of his ancestor and Bryce Canyon’s namesake. In his spare time Herb loves to travel to gain an understanding of the cultures around the world. 

Xin Xin_edited.jpg

Xin Xin
Artist Spotlight Award

A self-taught artist, Xin works largely in watercolor and paper weaving abstraction. Born in Beijing, China, Xin emigrated to Washington when she was twelve years old, graduating from the University of Washington with B.A. in Communication and Sales. After two years of working in corporate America, Xin decided to solo travel the world for four years, deepening her connection to art a constant theme her life since she was 3 years old. She continued to expand her artistic skills and pursued art as a way of self-healing. 

“Art has always been the constant in my life. I took my very first art class at the age of 3. For the next 9 years, I went to a local art school in China every Sunday. I learned watercolor, ink, cast drawing, gouache, oil pastel, and Sumi. After immigrating to the United States at 12 years old, I did not know enough English to attend an art school. I taught myself anime drawing and started an anime club at my middle school. Even with years of training, art was still viewed as a hobby in my family. It was unacceptable for me as an immigrant to major in art. To expand on my years of training, I started taking art classes from local schools on abstract acrylic, collage, alcohol ink, charcoal, and botanical… I turn to art to release and heal. My emotions connect with people I have never met before. Together, we are experiencing these special human emotions and looking for some comfort to feel ok. I hope collectors can engage with my art and realize, “I know that feeling and I am not alone!”

In 2022 Xin joined ShoreLake Arts as a teaching artist, instructing both youth and adults, and we are delighted to have her working with us again this Spring. As both an artist and an instructor, Xin illuminates our shared condition, helping us to express ourselves through visual art.

Past Recipients

HeART Award

Esther Wu - 2023

Jack Malek - 2022

Don Bell - 2021

Bob Pfeiffer - 2019

Susan Talley - 2018

Pam Thompson - 2017

Lynn & Dave Cheeney - 2016

Robin & Keith McClelland - 2015

Ken Noreen - 2014

John & Karen Thielke - 2012

Marianne Gutteridge - 2011

Scott Keeny - 2010

Larry & Jeanne Monger - 2009

Herb & Gloria Bryce - 2008

Ros Bird - 2007

Colleen Jablonski, Susanna Johnson, & Wily Clark - 2006

Jeff Lewis - 2004

Community pARTner Award

Highland Terrace PTA - 2023

Shoreline Community College Department of Film, Drama and Cinema - 2022

JHP Legacy - 2021

Community Arts Impact Award

Herb Bryce - 2023


Robert & Tina Lang - 2022

ZhenLun Li - 2021

Artist Spotlight Award

Xin Xin - 2023


Sandra Garcia-Arceo - 2022

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