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That's a Wrap on the 2021 Shoreline Arts Festival!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Firstly, thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible this year. This also includes everyone who attended the event and supported our local artists and musicians! There were so many hurdles to leap over in order to make it happen. We so very much appreciate the major support from sponsors, artists, musicians, city staff, cultural organizations, and volunteers.

Although we had our challenges with Covid restrictions and the record breaking heatwave, we still had a very fun weekend full of art, music, culture, food, and community. There's not much more to say in the way of words, so we'll let this photo gallery give you a recap of the June 26-27 Shoreline Arts Festival at Pfingst Animal Acres Park.

You can find out more about the Virtual Art Shows and other general info here:

Interested in donating to ShoreLake Arts and the Shoreline Arts Festival? You can do so here:


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