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Strategic Plan

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

GROWTH! The ShoreLake Arts Board came together in February

2020, pre-COVID, to identify the strategic goals that would drive our

organization through 2023. Our collective vision was clear: we wanted

to grow our budget and expand the number of people we connect to

the arts in our community thoughtfully. We chose to embrace the

goal of increasing access for all members of our community by

focusing on equity and inclusivity in arts experiences and

opportunities. We also set the short term goal of making an informed

decision by the end of 2021 as to whether to pursue a capital campaign

to build an Arts Center in North King County or choose to grow our

organization in a different way. These strategic goals were built on the

solid foundation created by the organization’s steady growth over the

past five years, our largely successful achievement of prior strategic

goals, and the changes to our community driven by increased

density and the imminent arrival of two rapid transit stations in


Strategic Framework (1)
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