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Juneteenth Mural Project

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Photo credit: Adam Collet

ShoreLake Arts and the City of Shoreline are excited to announce that artists Vincent Keele and Myron Curry have been commissioned to expand the Juneteenth mural at Shoreline Secure Storage.

The project began in 2021 with Myron Curry and Cynncear Easley creating the fifty-foot "Happy Juneteenth" mural that is proudly displayed on the wall now. You can read about Myron and Cynncear's 2021 work here.

This summer, Vincent Keele and Myron Curry will add to the existing mural in what will be an expansive public art piece along the Interurban Trail Park and visible from Aurora Avenue N between N 175th St and N 185th St.

Check back in this June for updates and take a moment to go to the Interurban Trail Park to view this powerful and inspirational artwork.

All photographs by Adam Collet.

Photo credit: Adam Collet
Photo credit: Adam Collet
Photo credit: Adam Collet



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