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Labrum Sabers LLC

Michael Labrum





Hello there!
Thanks for checking out Labrum Sabers. My name is Mike Labrum and I created Labrum Sabers in October of 2020 when my son Landin asked me to make him a saber out of solid steel. Using an old axle left over from a motorcycle rebuild and a MIG welder, I dumped out my old nuts and bolts jar and let him piece together what would be the first of many sabers.
Each saber is handcrafted and welded or epoxied together utilizing galvanized or raw steel pipe. The hilt accommodates a flashlight that illuminates the crystal and the saber has a weight in your hand like a saber should. While this is definitely not your polished replica, it has been sanded, polished and clear coated so that it's ready for action. Wether you need a saber to mount on your wall, for your next halloween or cosplay event, or to defend the galaxy from potential threats, these are the sabers you're looking for!

Thanks for supporting our small business!


Michael Labrum
Labrum Sabers LLC

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