Underground Holiday Market

Vendor Information

Date/Time: Saturday November 19, 2022 | 10am - 5pm

Load-In: 6am - 9.30am (November 19)

Load-Out:  5pm - 8pm (strictly no packing down before 5pm - this will affect you being invited back to the event)

17500 Midvale Ave N

Shoreline, WA 98133


Teresa Pape| ShoreLake Arts |

Pam Barrett | City of Shoreline |

Kara Conner | Shoreline Farmers Market |

ShoreLake Arts Office Phone: 206-417-4645

General Info

Checking In & Unloading (MUST READ)


Vendors will NOT be able to drive-up to their booth locations (so please be prepared with your own cart). You may park in the upper parking lot and unload your car. There is a steep ramp and also stairs to use to unload/load. You will have to transport your merchandise. It will take extra time. Please plan ahead. This added element has been a challenge in prior years. Plan on needing extra support. It is what makes the Under Ground Holiday market so unique. 

Parking during the event:


Once you have unloaded, we ask that you park your car and move to the parking lot across the road at Walgreens. 


Cars must be moved from the upper parking lot by 9.00am. This upper parking lot will be for guests needing extra assistance. 




We do not provide any tables, chairs, or tents for this event. There is no power provided. Please be sure to bring your own portable power source if you need one (example here).

There are no walls/partitions between the booths.


Lighting - yes we will have extra lighting in the parking lot (globe lights and decorations will be hung down each aisle). We will also get some extra lights from Aurora Rents to have on hand.


Heating - There will not be heaters. You may go inside the main building to warm up. We encourage you to bring extra layers to keep warm. 



The covered parking lot is 9 feet high. There are beams that run along the width of the parking lot and these are 7 feet high.

Booth Location:

Booth locations will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the event.



We have a vendor breakout room inside the City of Shoreline with basic amenities (coffee/water). Restrooms can be found inside the City of Shoreline.  


Food options:


The food trucks are there throughout the market, and there is also a Trader Joe’s across the street.

Booth Sitters:


We do not offer booth sitters. 




The closest ATM is located across the road at Key Bank. We encourage you to bring the appropriate cash in advance. we will not be able to change large bills.


Ways of outreach:

  • Vinyl banners will be printed and distributed around the city

  • We’ve partnered with the Shoreline Farmers Market as well as the City of Shoreline RCCS. 

  • 4x9” Rack cards with event info


What the Holiday Market does every year:

  • Signage and posters distributed throughout Shoreline and Lake Forest Park neighborhoods 

  • 2-4 Articles published on Shoreline Area News (2,500+ Subscribers)

  • 2-4 Marketing emails from the ShoreLake Arts Constant Contact lists

  • Further marketing emails and social media posts from Shoreline Farmers Market and City of Shoreline

  • In person marketing at local events

  • The Holiday Market website lists the artists with links to your sites (if available); email us at if anything needs updating.

  • Facebook event created 

  • Paid social media boosts: 


What you can do:

  • On your website, add a link to the website:

  • On your social media sites, “like/follow” the ShoreLake Arts page and share Holiday Market-related posts with your network & on Instagram. Use #UnderGroundHolidayMarket when sharing content.

  • Distribute rack cards provided by ShoreLake Arts. Contact our office if you would like to come by and pick some up. You can also grab a poster or two if you’d like! 

  • Respond to the Facebook event as “Going” and share on your social media accounts

We’re expecting another busy and vibrant event!
If you have questions, please contact the
ShoreLake Arts Program Manager, Teresa Pape, at or (206) 417-4645