Teresa White Mosaics

Teresa White

Bothell, WA

I work in mosaics using tiles, stained glass, beads, natural materials and found objects, attempting to create a vision that enhances joy and beauty in our lives. I want to give people the chance to look at something that will make them pause and reflect on an experience they’ve had that brought them happiness, or produce a peaceful smile.

There is something very soothing about glass as a medium, a play on light can offer a wide range of vibrant colors and dimensions to a piece of art. Combine that with the hands-on aspect of mosaics and I’ve hopefully created something that speaks to both of us.

I’ve enjoyed some form of artistic creation for several years as a way of creating balance and providing beauty to the world. In challenging times, mosaics have offered me an opportunity to heal and move beyond life’s struggles and make a positive contribution to my surroundings.

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Image by Annie Spratt