Ponder Press

Stephanie Ponder

Seattle, WA

I’ve been making jewelry for a decade. I started out making Scrabble tile pendants and from there my interest in all kinds of jewelry just bloomed. Some of the questions that guide my work include: Can I cover this with resin? Will this make a good focal element for a bead embroidered necklace? Can I make an interesting focal point? What is the right amount of glitter? What will this medium do? Does anyone love green, orange and brown as much as I do?

A spirit of play and exploration is also evident in what I do. I like making a variety of pieces (stringing, bead weaving, creating micro-mosaics, wire wrapping, book binding and more) because it fires my imagination to try new techniques and work with new materials.

Most of all, I love working with people to create items that are personal and have deeper meaning. I’ve used photos, horse hair and special beads/stones to create items for customers. I’m always up for a challenge—and for an opportunity to make something you won’t find anywhere else.

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Image by Annie Spratt