Stephanie Morales

Stephanie is a Seattle born and based artist. Creating art from a young age, she returned to her passion through acrylic and pencil mediums seven years ago. Travels throughout the US and Europe, and Africa influence her work, much of which is focused on femininity, thought, self reflection and beauty. Her multicultural background, education in social justice and varied life experiences contribute greatly to the subject of her personal work.

For her art is more than a visual stimulation. She sees art as a way to create connection, a method of provoking self reflection, and a tool for building community.She often uses symbolism to convey a message, but also leave room for the viewer to interpret that message for themselves. Stylistically, she uses bold bright colors and layering paint in ways that create depth and motion.

The Liink Project

Stephanie is 1/3 of the founding members of The Liink Project, a Black Art, Culture, and Business hub set to open in the Central District in November 2020. This project is about connecting emerging Black creatives and entrepreneurs with resources, space, knowledge, and visibility. The space will be a place for all people to come and enjoy all of the beautiful Black creativity the city has to offer. It is a space to elevate and celebrate!

Featuring a retail space stocked with local goods, a kitchen featuring rotating local flavors, a performance and event space to host pop ups and classes, The Liink will not only serve as a hub for community life, but also as a platform to elevate the incredible talent Seattle has to offer. Beyond a space, The Liink is a concept. It's about partnership, knowledge and cooperative economics and it's about THRIVING TOGETHER.

You can donate and learn more at:
or via venmo (@theliinkproject-seattle)
FB: The Liink Project
IG: @theliinkproject

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Image by Annie Spratt