Earth & Clay

Stacy Murphy

Mount Vernon, WA

Stacy Murphy, the owner of Earth & Clay is a full-time artist, working out of her home-based pottery studio in Mount Vernon, WA.

All the pottery is hand built and high fired. She uses paper clay for about 80% of the items she makes. Fibers from recycled paper are added to the clay body and this type of clay is used when making larger items. The glaze will have a darker, earthier color. For the other 20%, she uses a porcelain clay which provides a brighter glaze. The high fire process allows each item to be used outside as it will not absorb water and also be microwave, dishwasher & oven safe. Additionally, all glazes are food safe.

The best way to see her work in person is to check out one of the shops she has listed on her website and Facebook page.

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Image by Annie Spratt