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Misty Loreen

Federal Way, WA

Handcrafted Garlic Salts made from local ingredients, mixed fresh and packaged by hand.
We are gluten-free, safe for even the most sensitive of celiacs.
We are keto and Vegan Friendly. As well as sugar, corn, and soy-free.
All you get is salt, spices, and a lot of garlic.
Our motto is if our eyes aren't watering then there isn't enough garlic in it!

We make 4 flavors of garlic salt they come in two sizes, and all 4 flavors can be found in a popcorn salt as well.
Orignal Garlic Salt- This is an Italian blend of herbs and spices mixed into our garlic salt base. Great on any dish you would put salt on or in.
Spicy Garlic Salt- This is made from local peppers that we dry and grind ourselves. This is a great way to spice up any dish!
Smoky Garlic Salt- We cold smoke our own salt with Hickory and Mesquite to get that smoky flavor. This is a wonderful addition to any BBQ, EGGS, and even a fresh-cut avocado!
Lemon Dill Garlic Salt- A nice tart salt made with real lemons and fresh dried herbs this is a great addition to any chicken or fish dish. Our favorite is on fresh buttered asparagus! YUM
Don't like Garlic that's ok we sell the cold smoked Hickory Mesquite salt. Just cold smoked salt. No spices, No garlic

A little bit about us: Misty and Nathan Loreen have been mixing these for roughly 10 years. It started with an allergy and a little bit of curiosity. Misty has a very sensitive food allergy but found most spices at the store have some form of cross-contamination. So she set to work figuring out how to create some of her favorite spices mixes from scratch. Her friends and family found out and began using her mixes, so much so she found herself making large 6-8lb batches and giving most of it away. So a bottle, a label, and a food license latter here we are! I wonderful serendipity of happenstance and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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Image by Annie Spratt