Melissa Luna Pottery

Melissa Luna

Snohomish, WA

I make slab built pottery (as in not thrown on a wheel) ranging from functional pieces such as planters, vases, platters, bowls and lamps to purely decorative wall art. You will likely see texture, lines, carving, impressions, flashes of color and imperfections filled with gold. Through the combination of crafting each piece, the clay body used, the color and thickness of glazes applied, and the coalescence of all the variables in the high-fire gas kiln, no two pieces are ever quite the same.

I generally participate in one local art show per year (although as we all know, our pandemic prohibited that this year). Each year I look forward to learning from the feedback I get while listening and talking with you, sharing ideas and “what if’s?”. Many of my pieces have been a result of such discussions, such as, “Can you make a lamp like this box?”. Turns out, I could! Following the art show, I spend the next year experimenting, creating and slowly making enough new pieces to fill my art booth once again. Some of my currently available work is posted on my website. In addition, I often make pieces on request.

Wishing you health and peace and I hope to see you in person next summer! - Melissa

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Image by Annie Spratt