Mark's Smokehouse

Mark Nordahl

Shoreline, WA

Hi! My name is Mark and welcome to my hobby/passion! I received a small electric smoker for my 11th birthday, started out smoking fish and making beef jerky and have been hooked ever since.

I have spent years discovering how different woods impart different flavors and love to experiment by crossing those flavors with different spices. From the Sweet, Bacon Flavor of Hickory to the Nutty Sweet flavor of Alder and the Spicy, Earthy flavor of Mesquite. I’ve brought the best together for you and your table. My Hickory Smoked Garlic and Mesquite Smoked Chipotle salts start with garlic cloves and Red Jalapeños smoked, dehydrated and powdered, then mixed with my smoked salts.

All of my products are naturally gluten free and the smokers I use are dedicated to my products, they have ever seen meat to ensure there are no meat oils present making them vegan friendly as well.

I love hearing how my customer use my products. Just a few suggestions are:

- Hickory Smoked Salt and Pepper added to vegan potato soup to give it the flavor of bacon without the bacon.
- Mesquite Smoked Salt and Pepper sprinkled over asparagus before broiling.
- Alder Smoked Salt and Pepper on salmon for that Alder smoked flavor
- Hickory Smoked Salt instead of regular salt when home canning to impart a smokey flavor to your home canned goods.
- Hickory Smoked Garlic Salt sprinkled over popcorn
- Mesquite Smoked Chipotle Salt in soups for an extra kick
- Hickory Smoked Garlic Salt rimmed glass for your next Bloody Mary

To order simply send me an email and we can make arrangements for purchase and pickup, delivery or shipping. I accept Cash, Check, Paypal or Credit Card (via Square). Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!

My Products and Prices (all in 2oz packages):
Alder Smoked Salt – Large Grain $7.00
Hickory Smoked Salt – Large Grain $7.00
Mesquite Smoked Salt – Large Grain $7.00
Alder Smoked Salt – Fine Grain $10.00
Hickory Smoked Salt – Fine Grain $10.00
Mesquite Smoked Salt – Fine Grain $10.00
Alder Smoked Black Pepper $10.00
Hickory Smoked Black Pepper $10.00
Mesquite Smoked Black Pepper $10.00
Hickory Smoked Garlic Salt $12.00
Mesquite Smoked Chipotle Salt $12.00

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Image by Annie Spratt