Heidi Ba Creations

Heidi Bennett

Seattle, WA

I believe in the power of the cloth, the traditions that spans cultures and the ages. I love combining art with function to weave practical, handmade wares with a unique, artistic touch for those who appreciate “handwoven”.

Table runners or dresser scarves come in a variety of traditional and modern patterns to fit most every décor. There are upcycled Pendleton selvage rugs – perfect for every room in your home or soft, squishy, fast-drying chenille rugs for your bathroom, kitchen or for a favorite pet. Placemats also double as centerpieces in a variety of patterns and colors including up-cycled t-shirts. Cotton pillow covers will add color to your décor and baby blankets with the super-soft, cottony goodness in classic, heirloom or modern motifs.

Each artisanal, woven creation takes exact planning. Hundreds of threads are wound and threaded for the foundation or the warp. The weft (crosswise threads) is prepared – whether cotton, wool, chenille, up-cycled wool, t-shirts or fabric. Once the actual weaving is complete, the edges require securing and the item is wet finished so you can enjoy a quality item that will last for years.

Purchase a Heidi Ba Creation at and check back for new items. Stay in touch through Facebook, email, phone or visit my website to learn about custom orders and weaving classes.

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Image by Annie Spratt