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Crass Cards & Crafts

Eli and Barbara Christopher

Shoreline, WA

Eli Voigt is from New Orleans, Louisiana. A graduate of Louisiana State University and the University of Washington, Eli has worked as a strategic marketer at multi-million dollar brands. Digital marketer by day, and Seattle artist at night who loves helping others learn and laugh through her art and cards. When she's not helping her two young daughters navigate the craziness of Covid, she loves spending time with her husband Peter, running, illustrating, and working on Crass Cards & Crafts with her mother, Barbara. You can follow Eli on Instagram @wickedkitties.

Barbara Christopher was born in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of the baby boomer generation. She and her family relocated to New Orleans at a young age, where Barb grew up loving the flavors, culture, and friendliness of the NOLA scene. She spent the majority of her career working as a respiratory therapist while raising her two children, and eventually transitioned to become a travel RT, where she was lucky enough to experience the majesty of our beautiful country. Now retired, Barb's days consist of enjoying her family, playing with her dog Munch, and working on her beautiful beaded bracelets, which she learned to do a few years ago. Her personality and craftsmanship are apparent in each bracelet she makes, but she's always happy to create a custom bracelet to match your style.

Please note - some cards include mature content.

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Image by Annie Spratt