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Brenda Mattson

Mount Vernon, WA

Brenda Mattson is an artist living in the Skagit Valley of Washington state who has been doing found object art for many years. She now takes her enjoyment for taking things apart to see how they work and incorporates it into her current work of assémblage. The creation of stylish Steampunk jewelry is the latest artistic endeavor of Brenda’s. She holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary art from Arizona State University and has shown at galleries throughout the United States. She enjoys working with vintage watch and clock parts to create fine repurposed art pieces for people to wear. Brenda sells her line of up-cycled jewelry to stores in Washington, Texas, Phoenix, and New York and to people from around the world. She has been teaching her Steampunk specialty in classes throughout the United States and has been a visiting artist teacher for high school students where she loves to show students the fun they can have is creating art with found objects. She thoroughly enjoys taking the most unusual things and making them new and fascinating.

Steampunk explores the recesses of the industrial revolution to reflect on the present. People are fascinated by the aesthetics of the Victorian era. Also, in the age of consumerism where manufactured products are made to be thrown away so soon after purchase, the sturdiness of the mechanisms designed to last indefinitely is a significant draw. The possibility of up-cycling old manufactured goods intended to last many lifetimes, the creativity to re-imagine those authentic products from an earlier time in a way that is both artistically and functionally relevant today, serve as statements for those who wear and display and utilize Steampunk. Steampunk is not a design fad, but an art form that speaks to something more solid and inventive in our modern human experience. Come join me on my journey to invent, recreate and reassemble these amazing pieces of wearable art.

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Image by Annie Spratt