MW Soapworks

Andrea Mae Warren Lawson

Bellingham, WA

Since 2013, I have been on a mission to create natural alternatives to mainstream chemical-heavy skincare and beauty products. What we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream - let's keep it as natural as possible! I strive to provide natural skincare and self-devotion products for a healthy you, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

I offer a wide variety of skincare products that have been popular for holiday gift-giving. If you are looking for something for yourself or for a loved one to express how much you care, consider one of my handcrafted artisan soaps, infused balms, shampoo bars, perfume oils, beard oils and more. With so much handwashing this year, it is a great time to treat someone to moisturizing soap and skincare products!

Everything is created from scratch in small batches by me in Bellingham, Washington.

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Image by Annie Spratt