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Shoreline Creative Space Survey | Affordable artist housing and work spaces

Calling all artists, makers, and members of our creative and cultural community!

Are you interested in affordable, artist live/work housing and/or space to make, create or pursue art in Shoreline? We are working on a proposal to develop that space. ShoreLake Arts envisions a creative complex that would be home to ShoreLake Arts, provide space for other arts nonprofits, and offer unique living and work spaces for artists, craftspeople, makers, creatives, culture bearers and producers. If you need affordable space to live, or pursue your creative passion, then this survey is for you! The survey will take about 10 minutes of your time.

Your participation is critical – both funding and public support for this project hinge on the outcomes of this survey. Survey data will be used to assess demand for new space and communicate that need to the funders and stakeholders who can help make this project possible. Your responses will help us understand the kinds of creative spaces that are in demand, and the number of affordable artist housing units that can be sustained. You can help make this new space inclusive, affordable, and welcoming to all.

We are excited to hear and learn from you.

Take the survey here >

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