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Veronica Lund | Fragility

Veronica Lund | Fragility


Substrate Wet Felting and Needle Felting Wool Fibers Over Linen
37" x 33"

"Fragility" explores the delicate nature of human existence reflected in the delicate orchid whose destiny is tied to that of its host tree.


Veronica was mentored by the legendary Italian artist, opera stage designer and author Beni Montresor who instilled in her the desire for continuous experimentation and learning from art in all its forms. “Impara di tutto”- (Learn from Everything) was the edict of the old master and the philosophy by which Veronica approaches her art.  These lessons inspired her to turn her energy into reimagining the ancient art of felting into a modern construct.


Veronica uses the modern technique of Substrate or nuno wet felting to paint her canvas with the warmth and richness of natural fibers like wool and silk. This technique imparts her work with surprising texture, vivid color and a style reminiscent of impressionist painters.  Her unique style is created by the long fibers that she uses as her palette and brush.


Exhibitions- Awards- Publications

  • Genesis II, Women Creating Art. 2017 . Cum Laude Auditorium -Pucón, Chile.

  • First Place Award- TheQuilt and Fiber Arts Festival 2018. Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum. La Conner, Washington

  • Salaan Magazine 1st edition featured artist

  • 2018 Fusion.Art 4th Annual Leaves and Petals online art exhibit.

  • Revista Ruta Del Arte Rukapillan  2nd Edition. Featured Artist 

  • 2019 Solo Show “Fleectures”. Cum Laude Auditorium -Pucon, Chile.

  • Third Place Award 3D Art. CVG 2020. Collective Vision Gallery.  Bremerton, Washington.






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