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Joseph Géigel | Clarividentes

Joseph Géigel | Clarividentes


Charcoal on paper


18" x 24"


Clarividentes (Clairvoyants) presents the scene of women dancing around a bonfire, in a forest, and under the light of the aurora borealis. This charcoal piece is inspired by the song Dance of the Clairvoyants by Pearl Jam. The clairvoyants dance happily, tiny under the vast starry night sky, but at ease, because they know what the future holds and look forward to it. This is a piece about optimism and peace.


Artist Bio:

Joseph Géigel is a 28-year-old visual artist born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since childhood, he has been interested in cartography and maps as visual art objects. Driven by this passion, Joseph decided to study geography. In 2016, after completing undergraduate studies in Puerto Rico, he left the island to continue graduate studies at the University of Washington in Seattle. He graduated in 2018 and found a job that allowed him to create maps, but the repetitive nature of working in an office sparked an interest in exploring other creative activities. However, as it often happens, plans were delayed and his curiosity for visual arts was put aside as he needed to handle other obligations. Suddenly, in 2019, Joseph’s life was impacted by heart surgery needed to repair a congenital defect. Facing the fears and anxieties brought by such event, he understood that there could be meaning in art, and that he needed to make the exploration of that passion a top priority.


Since 2019, he has taken several art classes at the North Seattle College and is working with charcoal and acrylics as media. His artwork approaches a range of topics such as: music, nature, mystery, politics, and more.












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