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Rebrand 2020

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

After several years in the making, we are excited to announce our new name and logo: ShoreLake Arts! We’ve heard people stumble over the lengthy name of our organization for decades, so we are deciding to make it easier for everyone! We are refreshing our branding to bring a simpler name, an emblematic logo, and a fresh, modern flair to our look! Our legal name will remain the same, but we will now be doing business as ShoreLake Arts.

"It's not everyday you get an opportunity to work on a rebrand. Especially when you get to incorporate a new name! Having been on the front-lines of writing, typing, and saying 'Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council' for the last 3+ years as the Publicity Manager, I can't tell you how excited I am to introduce all of you to our new name and logo."

"ShoreLake Arts is a marriage of sorts between the two cities we primarily serve (Shoreline & Lake Forest Park). But it also speaks to the beautiful surroundings that both cities have within their boundaries, and generally speaking here in the Pacific Northwest. As a lifelong Washingtonian I can attest to spending the majority of my adolescence around many shores and lakes! This is a detail we wanted to make sure to convey in the iconography. The waves are clearly depicted in yellow, with the shore in orange, both from our branded color scheme."

"I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make this refresh a reality. A ton of work went into this from the board, community members, designer, and staff. A special thanks to our designer, Gale Benning and our Board for their leadership." - Kevin Sheen | Publicity Manager

The programs and services you have come to know and love are staying the same, now accompanied by the new logo and name! You can continue to use the same address and emails you are used to, and you are welcome to write checks out to either the “Arts Council” or “ShoreLake Arts”. Also, we are proudly sticking with the distinctive yellow color in our logo (and not just because we have so much yellow paint and cloth!) We also took time this year to refresh our website both to enable the logo change, and set us up for eCommerce and virtual events.

This was a multi-year process with much-appreciated community input. Thank you to all who provided us with their feedback and suggestions!

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