Rachel Wold

PAST EXHIBIT: April 6 - May 14, 2022
Artist Reception at the Gallery: Thursday, April 21st, 5pm-8pm

Rachel Wold is an abstract artist based in Seattle, Washington. She grew up drawing, painting, and exploring the Pacific Northwest and finds solace and inspiration in nature. Although prolific early in life, Rachel fell out of a creative lifestyle in her mid-twenties after pursuing degrees and a career in science. She works as an oceanographer at the University of Washington's Applied Physics Lab and has led research cruises throughout Washington waters. Ideas for artwork would occasionally surface but she didn't know where to start. After suffering first a miscarriage, then postpartum depression after her second child was born, she picked up an old sketchbook in search of emotional relief. Putting pen to paper again after a decade hiatus reignited her creative passion. She now makes time for her art practice around her fulfilling work and raising two small children.

Artist Statement
My art is a form of therapy; I create what I feel, what I need. I use expressive abstraction to create a space for reflection, with the goal of engaging viewers on an emotional and visceral level. My paintings begin intuitively, with a few tones inspired by the world around me. I experiment with tactile textures, fluid splatters, mixing and moving, adding and subtracting as a conversation unfolds between the piece and myself. A dialog of exploration and curiosity.

I am interested in what happens at the interface of things, the moment of transition between opposing or parallel ideas, which is often represented in my work as lines or abstract marks. Lines can be interpreted visually as both a dividing and unifying device, and I encourage this duality. Dynamic gestures and moments of rest, loose layers and meticulously added ink are all part of the experience.