Kuria Jorissen

PAST EXHIBIT: April 6 - May 14, 2022
Artist Reception at the Gallery: Thursday, April 21st, 5pm-8pm

Growing up, Kuria was always exploring, discovering, and learning. Whether that was exploring the great outdoors or simply expanding her knowledge of art, photography, and more, Kuria kept at it. With her close family and friends being creatives, Kuria grew up going to art shows, building her own art, and capturing the world with a camera at her hip. Over time, that camera kept evolving and upgrading. And she eventually worked her way through a Bachelor's Degree in Photography, with Astrophotography being the focus of her thesis. Graduating was just the start of Kuria's journey. Keeping the momentum going, she worked harder in learning the tools of her trade, and developing new techniques in the field and in the studio to bring her work to the next level. Alongside new techniques for capturing and editing photos, Kuria also researched planning tools, astronomy, and discovered the lesser known stories of the stars. What started as an interest in the outdoors and the night sky above us, evolved into something more for Kuria. It became a way to share the beautiful, night landscapes with the stars painted above. It became a way to communicate and tell lesser known stories of the stars. And it became a medium to encourage people to fight to preserve our national and state parks, and to push back against light pollution to preserve the dark skies.

Artist Statement
Often traveling to far off wilderness areas, I do most of my work from midnight to 4 am. My work in astrophotography involves constantly learning, researching, and perseverance through many foiled attempts. The one lesson you learn quickly is to never trust the weather reports. I spend much of my time studying new methods, history, astronomy, and the cultures around lesser known stories of the stars.

Through my work, I seek to share the stories of the stars. To showcase the natural beauty that surrounds us. And to bring people to that quiet moment in the wild and show them the beauty of what lies outside. Through this, I also seek to educate and encourage the preservation of our natural lands and dark skies.