Kristy Swanson

PAST EXHIBIT: February 23 - April 2, 2022

Kristy Swanson is an emerging artist working in encaustic, encaustic monoprints, and mixed media. Influenced by shapes and patterns found in both natural and urban environments, she creates subtle and meditative artwork using transparent layers of beeswax, pigments, hand pulled monoprints, and mark making, creating intimate impressions and visual fields that hold the feeling of place that she's experienced. She strives to make intangible experiences visible, aiming for a quiet and complex beauty, balancing simplicity of expression with rich sensory details. Kristy began painting in 2016 and is primarily self-taught. She has worked as both a hair colorist and as a master's level therapist, and threads of these careers inform her art: a love of color and beauty, as well as an interest in quiet reflection and introspection, show up in her artworks. In addition, she is an avid lover of nature, pursuing skiing, cycling, hiking, and gardening as time allows. She lives in Woodinville, WA.

Artist Statement
I draw my inspiration from the natural world. I'm fascinated by shapes, patterns, rhythm, repetition, and nuance that I see everywhere I look. I'm particularly drawn to tiny details that typically go unnoticed - the fractals of a leaf, the shifting patterns that wind creates on water, the multitude of colors found in a handful of sand. Inspired by the ordinary and the everyday, I respond to the little details in my environment, discovering beauty in the expected and the unexpected. My artwork references nature indirectly, conjuring images of landscape, or water, or stone, or flora, without being intentionally representational.

I strive for balance between two polarities: on the one hand I seek simplicity, clean lines, elegance, and calm; and on the other hand I want to create nuance and complexity within that spareness through the inclusion of texture, layers, and detail. I aim to achieve a quiet and complex beauty that balances simplicity and subtlety with rich sensory details.