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Featured Artist: Elsa Bouman

May 2023

Elsa Louise Bouman is a local artist living and teaching in Lake Forest Park since 2007. She has worked as a graphic designer in the music industry and taught folk art to children in the Bay Area for 30 years. Ms. Bouman’s posters may be seen at

Mixed media best describes her artwork, which is shown in galleries and in private collections as well.

Elsa's work from this collection will also be available for purchase in our online shop. Check back in May for more details.

How lucky to be human, to explore our ideas and follow our curiosity. The thrill of making art is a unique experience every time we begin a new piece. I love to zoom into the essence of an idea, skew an image and see the ‘extraordinary in the ordinary’ and express it in a snapshot moment.

I work hard and play a lot and get such joy from my art. I am grateful to share my visions with people like you. Thank you for looking.

Whether creating or teaching, my art is a spiritual testimony and where I find my truest self.

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