Celebrate World Collage Day at the Gallery

PAST EVENT: Gallery Event | Saturday, May 14, 2022 | 12:00pm - 3:00pm | FREE

Bring your scissors and join us for a collaborative collage party for World Collage Day with Andrea Lewicki, The Sewing Collage Artist!

Together we will collage flowers that will later be sewn together to create a community garden mural. Glue sticks and paper will be available as long as supplies last. You are welcome to bring a magazine or collage materials to share. Andrea will provide examples and templates. No previous collage experience is needed to participate in this free event!

World Collage Day is celebrated annually on the second Saturday of May with hundreds of collage events. It was started by Kolaj Magazine in 2018.

Andrea Lewicki is based in Duvall, WA. She is the founder of Special Agent Collage Collective, a group of international artists who respond to creative collage challenges. Her work has appeared in literary journals and art publications, and she will be exhibiting at ShoreLake Arts Gallery June 29 - August 13, 2022. Find her on Instagram at @andrealewicki.

We also have a limited number of Kolaj Magazine #29 free to the first 20 people. Collage materials and magazines are limited in supply. First come, first served.

About World Collage Day
World Collage Day is an annual, international celebration of collage on the Second Saturday of May. Initiated by Kolaj Magazine in 2018, we invited artists and art venues to hold events on that day to celebrate collage. World Collage Day is about artists connecting across borders against a global context of entrenchment and separation. And the day is about an art medium that excels at bringing different things together to create new forms and new ways of thinking. Ric Kasini Kadour, the editor of Kolaj Magazine, writes, “We created World Collage Day because we wanted to honour this community of artists and to remind the world what a spirit of cooperation, mutual support, and creativity can look like.”

Want a virtual mini-lesson in collage making? Click the virtual-collage-workshop link below.