Caryn Vainio

January 4 - February 18, 2023

Caryn Vainio is a mixed media painter and printmaker focusing on Pacific Northwest landscapes and lives near the foothills of the Cascade mountains. The evergreen display of nature through each season inspires her work. Her work has been purchased by private collectors and has been purchased for inclusion by the City of Seatac in their public art collection. Although she has no formal art school training, she's engaged in art of many forms all of her life and has intertwined it with her long professional career as a designer.

Artist Statement
I'm a mixed media painter and printmaker creating energetic, bold paintings that interpret my sense of the Pacific Northwest landscape. I'm drawn to the comforting closeness of the PNW's mountain trails and the complexity of its coastlines and islands, and I find inspiration over and over even in the same favorite places.

As a former scientist I employ the idea of wavelengths: my work focuses on conveying the wavelengths of the landscape that are hidden from the eyes but deeply felt. I believe painting is at its purest form when it conveys these hidden, personal wavelengths. My acrylic mixed media paintings start with rough, invented compositions inspired by my frequent time in the local Cascade foothills; I build intuitively from there with energetic and active layering and mark-making. In contrast, my watercolor and ink paintings start with compositions inspired by a more expansive, cinematic, and distant view of the mountains and waterways of the Pacific Northwest coastline.

With landscape as the initial foundation, the thread throughout all of my work is that of interference and disruption, particularly the disruption of the real and the organic by the unreal, the artificial, and the inorganic. These themes surface from my long career working in future-forward tech industries like games and virtual reality and how I see them layered over our physical reality, for better and for worse.