Angelina Kidd

PAST EXHIBIT: June 29 - August 13, 2022

Angelina Kidd, MFA is a Pacific Northwest artist specializing in the handmade: historical photographic processes, constructed imagery collage and paper arts. Born to a Cuban father and an American mother of Filipino and Polynesian descent, Angelina spent her early years in Honolulu, Hawai'i, before moving to the mainland. Angelina received her Master of Fine Arts from Lesley University School of Art & Design in Boston and has been featured in galleries and exhibitions around the country.

Artist Statement
I use photography to convey several themes. One is the possibility of life after life and the passage of the soul between these two planes of existence. Another is the theme of humanity's relationship with the natural world and its mysteries. In many of my photographs I use animals as characters, both as actors in their own right and to convey aspects of human experience to the viewer. The key elements of light, shadow and color combine with each of these themes to suggest an overarching sense of longing.