Andrea Lewicki

PAST EXHIBIT: June 29 - August 13, 2022

Andrea Lewicki (b. 1974) is an award-winning abstract artist. Insulated from traditional art for most of her life, her childhood was spent in a rural and defunct retirement community in northeastern Arizona surrounded by miles of dusty desert horizons, her mother's Mexican heritage, and her father's hot rod cars. A love of industrial grit and persistent curiosity led to an initial career in chemical engineering. Later, she found a more natural home in abstract art, which she describes as "a place where nothing is obvious, straight-on, or predictably duplicated." The most understood she has ever felt was when standing before "Bleu II" by Joan Miro in Paris. After years of traffic and urban sprawl, Lewicki returned to rural life at the edge Western Washington's Snoqualmie Valley. She is an aspiring studio hermit.

Artist Statement
I construct mixed media collages on paper with a sewing machine. Assembling layers without coats of adhesive preserves the expressive material qualities that are most important to me. I enjoy the physical, mechanical aspect of making art, preferring scrapers to paintbrushes and visible construction methods. The hands-on nature of my work stirs up memories from childhood and imaginative storytelling, and both are intertwined in visual, abstract compositions.

My studio practice is aimed at releasing structure. The art I produce is often multi-generational in that I finish work then repurpose it, sometimes immediately. Most of my time is spent cutting and cropping materials I will later stitch into new contexts. There is emotional release in these processes which, together, are a form of reinvention. Through collage, I have been hundreds of different versions of myself.