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Image by Annie Spratt

Singing Pots

Jess Rene LaTour





Jess Rene is a Two-Spirit (federally unrecognized) Indigenous Designer with ecology at heart. She creates her stoneware pottery pieces to connect to her ancestors, and continue traditional artistry. She infuses every piece with prayer and song. Creating functional dinnerware, pots for plants, jewelry and fun decor that make warming gifts. Inspired by the future, present and past, nature, galactic energies and internal energies.

Her work towards justice is combined with community medicinal garden designs, creative wellness classes and singing with protectors/activist community groups.

Jess Rene's background as a career care provider, a life & death doula: to elders, babies, and young children is both a testament to her compassionate heart and her unique patience in providing guidance. Her mission is to connect others to sacred relationships with the land, the plant families that provide healing for us, and our own creative roots.

You can check out more of her story, projects, goods and classes online at

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