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KRM Crafts

Marie Marapao





Hi! I'm Marie.
I'm a wife, a mom and a high school Math teacher, and I LOVE handmade crafts!
In a world run by consumerism and cheap labor-driven manufacturing, my job is to create happiness with my handmade, heartfelt crafts.
I believe in the power of creating with my own hands, and the many benefits it brings to me and my customers.
I've always been fascinated and curious about how certain items are designed, and how I can put my own twist to them if I am the one making them.
I mainly focus on paper crafts. My popular products include greeting cards of different sizes, gift tags, post-it note holders, paper ornaments and gift card holders to name a few. Over the past couple of years I have expanded my line to include fabric items like key fobs, tissue holders and pouches.
I love bright and fun colors, patterns and designs, and my products reflect that. They also reflect the time and effort I put into making them. I want my products to be not only beautiful, but also well made. Some of my repeat customers tell me that they still have some of my products that they bought years ago!
I hope you come visit my booth at the fair. I am excited to share my passion with you!

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