Image by Annie Spratt

I Made An Art Creations

Katherine Wessel





I Made An Art Creations was born out of a spontaneous weekend trip to the craft store with a couple friends in a quest to channel our inner Bob Ross. After that weekend I branched out into abstract painting and here we are three years later!

Each piece is created by me in my dining room at home. From hand mixing the resin + mica pigments or paint + pouring mediums to designing how each piece will look, I create everything by hand.

Acrylic pouring reminds me of a kaleidoscope or fractal patterns- everyone can see something different and I love to hear what people see. This helps them connect to individual pieces but also helps me understand what they may look for in a custom piece.

Paintings range in sizes from 3inx3in - 12inx36in.

Resin coasters, trays, pop sockets, wind chimes, and more.

My goal is for you to be able to find the perfect handmade gift for someone you love!

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