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Image by Annie Spratt


Whitney Sheehan





Bewilderness began in the spring of 2017 in the spare room of Whitney Sheehan's Seattle apartment. She'd been working in the corporate world for about a decade, but decided she really wanted to do something different that she was more passionate about. Whitney always loved jigsaw puzzles and had recently fallen in love with wooden ones, and how beautiful and different they could be. So, she bought some wood and a laser cutting and started experimenting with her own original designs. That summer, she debuted her work at local art festivals, and she's been hard at work creating puzzles ever since, aided now by three employees to keep up with demand.
You'll find a variety of puzzles and gifts at our booth, from stained wood puzzle coaster sets to vibrantly colored jigsaw puzzles for beginners and experts alike. Pricing for our puzzles generally ranges from about $35-95. We also do custom projects, so drop by and have a chat if you're interested in that as well.

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