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Image by Annie Spratt

Beauty In The Beads

Vicki Paradis





I was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, also known as the "Land of Enchantment" This "Land of Enchantment" encompasses an art scene that is both traditional and contemporary that tends to draw you in, and that boasts many wonderful artists. I was given a Swarovski Crystal bracelet by one of these wonderful artists. That bracelet formed the foundation of my desire and inspiration to build jewelry.

I began working with crystals and seed beads, taking classes along the way to learn more about beads, techniques, and encourage my desire to create. As the years went by, I then became inspired by many Wire Wrapping artists, such as Nicole Hanna Jewelry, and began learning wire wrapping skills. I then relocated to the vibrant Pacific Northwest which I embraced all the magnificent colorful flowers and gardens. Never giving up on the beauty that beads hold with their colors, shapes, and textures, I stumbled across an artist that incorporates the beauty of beads with the shimmer of glass. This encounter with Angie Heinrich has taken me to learning the art of Mosaics combining the shimmer of glass tiles with the shimmer of beads to create mirrors, jewelry boxes, and tealight candle holders. My desire to create is ever evolving and I look forward to my next evolution!

My hope is to be an inspiration to others just as many have been an inspiration for me!

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