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Image by Annie Spratt

Austin's Awesome Art

Austin Picinich





I have been an avid painter since the age of seven. Now sixteen, I merge realism with my imagination and add bright colors to make my paintings pop. I took my passion to the next level by tackling large-sized paintings and murals. My favorite medium is acrylic on canvas, with my biggest work to date being a 12-foot long by 4-foot tall tropical triptych. I have also painted a 4-foot by 7-foot mural installation hanging in the clubhouse of Crossroads Par 3 Golf Course in Bellevue. I recently began making prints, greeting cards, and stickers from my paintings, and I have started participating in art fairs and festivals across Western Washington and enjoy the business side as much as the painting itself.

"I believe the key to producing good artwork is having fun in the process of making it. I love painting, and I think that shows through in my work. Art just makes people happy, and the vibrant colors on a large scale in my work are contagious. My goal with my paintings is to put a smile on people's faces."

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