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Austin's Awesome Art

Austin Picinich

Austin's Awesome Art

My name is Austin Picinich and I'm a 17-year-old acrylic painter merging realism with my imagination. I've been an artist since the age of seven, and I love using bright colors that pop. I took my passion to the next level by tackling large-sized paintings and murals. I designed and led a Community Paint Day with ShoreLake Arts for a 188-foot "Save Our Salmon Mural" I painted at Animal Acres Park in Lake Forest Park, WA in September 2022 ( I also painted a 112-foot Save Our Salmon Mural at Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland, WA, and a 7-foot mural at Crossroads Par 3 Golf Course in Bellevue, WA. One of my biggest canvas paintings to date is a 12-foot tropical triptych, although prints of my work are available in many sizes.

To date, my art is hung and carried in over 40 local businesses, retail shops, and galleries. I am based out of Kirkland, WA and I've recently started participating in Western Washington art fairs and festivals - and I enjoy the business side as much as the painting itself.

"I believe the key to producing good artwork is having fun in the process of making it. I love painting, and I think that shows through in my work. Art just makes people happy, and the vibrant colors on a large scale in my work are contagious. My goal with my art - paintings or murals - is to put a smile on people's faces."

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