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Gallery Exhibit:

Odette Allen and Peggy Curtis


September 30 - November 14, 2020

Artist Bio

Hi, I’m Odette.

I am a painter and muralist living in Seattle, WA. I earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Cornish College of the Arts in 2007, and a Master’s in History and Archives from Western Washington University in 2014. My work reflects my educational background with color focused, abstract forms, and references to historic and current social justice issues. Art has the amazing ability to communicate ideas and feeling that inspire others, and I want to use this to address issues like sexism, racism, or environmental exploitation. These are pressing issues that concern me deeply, and art enables me to communicate about them in meaningful ways.

My art practice incorporates many mediums, but my primary focus is painting. My work is made using acrylic paints on mounted birch panels. Using many isolated layers of acrylics, I am able to build up colors and enhance textures, creating luminous colors that feel viscerally satisfying. My images evolve organically, starting as abstract color fields and slowly focusing into forms as I add shapes or elements. I work on many pieces at once, all exploring a specific theme. My work at present is inspired by traditional southern cooking and foodways, the history of black agriculture, and the use of traditional black cooking as a foundation for Black identity and activism.

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Artist Bio/Statement

Peggy Olafson Curtis was born in Seattle, USA and grew up in nearby regions during the turbulent Sixties.

Her love of photography began with a film camera and a high school course in photography. Her artistic inspiration came a few years later during a two-year residence in Japan. There she became immersed in the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which holds that there is beauty in all states of being, including decay.

Now she loses herself in junkyards in search of an interesting patina on a rusting Studebaker or a pleasing arrangement of shape and color in the broken paint. She wants an image that somehow transcends the literal in the viewer’s imagination, suggesting a mood, a greater mystery, a timelessness. She sees rivers, ponds, and maybe a forest of healing trees in the leave behinds of time, use, and nature.

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