Marble Surface

Gallery Exhibit:

Cheryl Brown & Jenna Brechbiel


January 5 - February 19, 2022


Cheryl Brown

Artist Bio


I am my mother’s daughter. Watching her experiment with fiberglass, knitting, sauerkraut, new culinary creations, painting and more, gave me the desire to try new things and create. For me, the passion for planning a project and collecting just the right papers, fabrics and cast-off items for a project is as fulfilling as its completion. Thus, I have may partially formed ideas in my head, many supplies for unfinished projects and many new things to try on my calendar.


My nest is empty, but I still work full time, my art fills in the gaps.  I enjoy doing summer festivals and meeting other artists and art lovers. I am looking forward to retirement and more time to try new things and visit new places!

Artist Statement

I work in the medium of collage enjoying the many tactile benefits of the art form that give me permission to collect, to tear, to touch, to play.  I use a combination of handmade and manufactured papers and re-purposed materials, always looking for that perfect something to add an element of surprise and whimsey into my art.

I have always been fascinated with old maps, books, sheet music, scraps of paper and fabric, wrappers and ribbons, and have amassed quite a collection on my own, as well as from the collectors of my work.


Looking deeper at what is mundane or ‘normal’ and presenting it in a new and surprising way is the goal of my work. In my “Common Bird” series, the crow or raven is simply a black bird that is seen everywhere to the point of being at times, a nuisance, but upon closer examination displays an incredible intelligence, curiosity and many human-like traits. 

Something to Crow About
2020 Hindsight & Hope
07b Second Chance
16a Flight Plan_web_res
16a Good Neighbors_web_res

Jenna Brechbiel

Artist Bio

Jenna Brechbiel is a self taught watercolorist and has been teaching watercolor for the past 6 years. She has had the privilege of teaching at many wonderful locations such as Bellevue College, South Seattle Community College and Daniel Smith in Seattle (current).

Artist Statement

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

― ​Friedrich Nietzsche


As a creative watercolor artist, Jenna strives to create beauty out of the chaos. Jenna’s paintings are created by vibrant washes of watercolor mixing together to create unique and unpredictable combinations. Then she molds and shapes the image and slowly builds while still highlighting the chaotic first layers. Life is unpredictable, live free.. paint free.

Instagram: @jennacreates