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Image by tony hernandez

Meet the Artists

Amaranta Sandys

Art Educator, Mixed Media Visual Artist, Creative Director, Business Owner, Art Curator and a voice to  underrepresented communities to seek diversity in Arts Education and promoting Artists of Color in the great region of Seattle 

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Alicia Mullikin

Alicia Mullikin is a Chicana choreographer, dancer and teaching artist in Seattle. She has collaborated to blend film, poetry, and live music into her dance works, but focuses on merging social justice with dance.​ She incorporates her experiences as a first generation Mexican-American woman of color into all of her work and finds ways to serve her community through activism in the arts. 

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Abdy Velasquez

God🙏 Artist, sculptor, painter, muralist🎨, five stars run through my blood.🇭🇳

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Vivi Colelli (Rubio)

Viviana Colelli is originally from Cali, Colombia. She has been in the USA since 2009 & started learning Photography in 2014 with the goal of telling stories through images. Her experience as a Hispanic woman in a foreign country is what motivated her to start her "From Afar with Love" project. 

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Yessica Marquez

Yessica Marquez is a self taught watercolor artist whose work is a reflection of her story. Born in Guadalajara Jalisco,Mexico and raised in Southern California, she became attracted to expressing not only her personal interests, but re-discovering her Mexican roots through Art.

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Dovey Martinez

I strive to use paint and personal imagery of my friends and family to share a story of labor, struggle, perseverance, motivation, and identity.

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Jose Trejo-Maya

He is a remnant of the Nahuatlacah oral tradition a tonalpouhque mexica, a commoner from the lowlands from a time and place that no longer exists.  Born in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico, where he spent his childhood in the small rural pueblo of Tarimoró and wherefrom he immigrated in 1988. Click the PDF below to see the entire work of "Transparent". 

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Veronica Lund

Veronica began her career as a successful fashion and costume designer in her native country of Chile.  Her extensive experience in theatre arts, ballet, opera and performance theatre has given her a deep understanding of the symbolism and use of color as a main character in story telling.  


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Elida DeHaan

Although I come from a Mexican family, I have only celebrated Día de los Muertos for the last few years. I've been painting and drawing Día de los Muertos artwork for the last four years. I try to incorporate different aspects of Día de los Muertos celebrations as well as drawing portraits of myself with half of a sugar skull. 

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Joseph Geigel

Joseph Géigel is a 28-year-old visual artist born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since childhood, he has been interested in cartography and maps as visual art objects. Driven by this passion, Joseph decided to study geography. His artwork approaches a range of topics such as: music, nature, mystery, politics, and more.

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Gabriel Marquez

Gabriel Marquez is an artist and designer living and working in Seattle. He was born in El Paso, TX to parents from Mexico and has a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas, El Paso. As an artist, Marquez’s work takes on a fluid, free-form approach while exploring themes of motion and stillness by using progressive contour lines in a pictorial realm that wanders between emptiness and fullness.

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Arturo Torres

Arturo Torres was born in the city of San Luis Potosi in Central Mexico. After studying at the Universidad de San Luis Potosi, Arturo received his baccalaureate degree in Architectural Engineering. In1988 he immigrated to the United States. In an effort to reflect his multi-cultural background, the colors Arturo seeks in his photos are vibrant and full of contrast and reflect his keen, artistic eye of the seemingly ordinary.

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Bruce Rivera

 I started at a young age drawing and painting with anything I could get my hands on. Then I never stopped. I always new if I could just draw all day, I would be set. Somehow I figured out how to do not only that but also how to actually feed my family from my art. From my fingertips.
  My wife and I moved our family up here to the PNW in 2018 for a full change of scenery. I was born and raised in the SouthWest and made the terrifying leap to become a full time artist in 2007. Although I work with many different mediums; my current medium of choice is oil. I have completely fallen back in love with oil painting and all the seemingly endless possibilities. 

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Thank you

A huge thank you to the participating artists!

Feliz día de los Muertos


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