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Eva Abram

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Eva Abram

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Eva Abram is a storyteller, public speaker and award-winning actress. Her storytelling grew out of an appreciation for the value of history and the desire to inform larger audiences of lesser-known American history. In solo performances, she embodies historical characters, bringing history to life. Among others, her characters include: Shirley Chisholm - 1972 Presidential Candidate; Bessie Coleman - Aviation Pioneer; and Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Activist.

Her engaging traditional tales and literary stories are told with masterful use of gesture and physical expression. She finds the humor and emotion in stories that entertain, inspire and remind us that we are linked together - humanity crosses all boundaries. She has delighted audiences from elementary age to adult, leaving them with a laugh, a gem of wisdom or something to ponder.

As a former member of the Humanities Washington speaker’s bureau she traveled around the state speaking about American history and racism. She received rave reviews from audiences in various venues.

Eva has acted in several plays, including Doubt, A Raisin in the Sun, The Illusion and Hoodoo Love. She received two “Best Supporting Actress” nominations. She won the Gypsy Rose Lee Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

She has made presentations locally, in cities around the country, as well as in Japan and South Africa.

Eva is available to perform for schools, universities, business diversity programs and community organizations.

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